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Resources for Waste Reduction and Recycling

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Climate Change: At the Office

This site provides easy steps you can take to not only reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce air pollution, increase the nation's energy independence and save money.

How to Start or Expand a Recycling Collection Program (PDF) (4pp, 57.4k, about PDF)

Provides basic information on establishing recycling collection programs in any setting, with a focus on collection in offices. Discusses identifying, collecting and storing recyclable materials, as well as starting a collection program, finding a market, selling collected materials, and monitoring and evaluating success.

Business Guide for Reducing Solid Waste

Provides information for business on how they can reduce solid waste.

Spotlight on Waste Prevention: EPA's Program to Reduce Solid Waste at the Source (PDF) (20pp, 386.5k, about PDF)

Describes EPA's initiative to reduce everyday trash. Focuses on examples of how source reduction efforts benefit business and industry, governments, and consumers. Also details EPA's efforts in helping prevent waste.

Putting Surplus Food to Good Use: A How-To Guide for Food Service Providers (PDF) (2pp, 208K, about PDF)

Provides guidance for food service providers-supermarkets, hospitals, universities, restaurants, and food preparation companies-about what to do with leftover food.

Waste Not, Want Not: Feeding the Hungry and Reducing Solid Waste Through Food Recovery (PDF) (59pp, 1.5MB, about PDF)

Explains how any state, municipality, or private business that deals with food, can reduce its solid waste by facilitating the donation of wholesome surplus food. Also lists ways you can join the growing food recovery movement, and provides a framework to help you protect the environment while making a difference in the daily lives and futures of hungry families across our nation.

Learn About Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

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