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July 2006 Symposium on Nanotechnology and the Environment: Applying RCRA and CERCLA Requirements to Nanoscale Materials and Wastes: Biography

Mr. Tracy D. Hester

Bracewell and Giuliani, LLP
Houston, Texas

Tracy D. Hester heads the environmental law section in the Bracewell & Giuliani's Houston office. Mr. Hester has assisted clients in regulatory counseling with an emphasis on enforcement defense, environmental permitting and cost recovery litigation. His practice also focuses on the innovative application of environmental laws to emerging technologies and novel compliance strategies.

Mr. Hester has represented clients from diverse industrial sectors, including petrochemical manufacturers, petroleum and natural gas pipelines, petroleum refineries, utilities, nanoscale materials manufacturers, cement kilns, newspaper printers, hazardous waste disposal operations, and financial institutions. Mr. Hester has represented companies and local governments in litigation or compliance negotiations on ozone regulatory policy and total maximum daily load water quality projects. He also assists companies with emergency response planning and security assurance legal requirements.

Mr. Hester has also taught advanced seminars on Environmental Enforcement, Practice of Environmental Law and Hazardous Waste Law as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston Law Center.

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