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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Regulations and Standards

Regulations & Standards

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Highway Diesel Rule

This rule establishes a single comprehensive national control program that regulates the heavy-duty vehicle and its fuel as a single system. The sulfur standards for highway diesel fuel took effect starting in 2006. The emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles took effect starting in 2007.

Nonroad Diesel Rule

Modifications to the Transmix Provisions under the Diesel Sulfur Program

EPA is amending the requirements under EPA’s diesel sulfur program related to the sulfur content of locomotive and marine diesel fuel produced by transmix processors and pipeline facilities. These amendments will provide significant regulatory relief for transmix processors and pipeline operators to allow the petroleum distribution system to function efficiently while continuing to transition the market to virtually all ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and the environmental benefits it provides.

Final Rule to Control the Emissions of Air Pollution from Nonroad Diesel Engines and Fuel

EPA established a comprehensive national program to reduce emissions from nonroad diesel engines by integrating engine and fuel controls as a system to gain the greatest emission reductions. This program will dramatically reduce harmful emissions and will directly help States and local areas to improve their air quality.

Fuel-Related Technical Amendments to the Highway and Nonroad Diesel Rules

  • Amendments to the Nonroad and Highway Diesel Fuel Regulations: Direct Final Rule (70 FR 40889, July 15, 2005)
  • Revisions to Motor Vehicle Diesel Fuel Sulfur Transition Provisions, and Technical Amendments to the Highway Diesel, Nonroad Diesel, and Tier 2 Gasoline Programs: Direct Final Rule (PDF) (70 FR 70498, 16 pp, 126K, November 22, 2005), and Tier 3 Program: Proposed Rule (PDF) (78 FR 29816, 377 pp, 3.29MB, May 21, 2013)
  • Technical Amendments to the Highway and Nonroad Diesel Rules: Direct Final Rule (PDF) (71 FR 25706, 22 pp, 200K, May 1, 2006)

Ocean-going Vessels (Category 3 Marine Rule)

EPA adopted changes to the diesel fuel program to allow for the production and sale of diesel fuel with up to 1,000 ppm sulfur for use in Category 3 marine vessels. The regulations generally forbid production and sale of fuels with more than 1,000 ppm sulfur for use in most U.S. waters, unless operators achieve equivalent emission reductions in other ways.

February 2015 Direct Final Rule

This rule included minor amendments to the diesel fuel provisions of 40 CFR part 80 subpart I. These amendments became legally effective on May 5, 2015.

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