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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Diesel Fuel Reporting Forms

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This page contains compliance reporting forms and associated instructions for Motor Vehicle, Nonroad, Locomotive, and Marine Diesel Fuel (40 CFR 80 Subpart I). These forms must be filled out and submitted by producers and importers of highway diesel fuel destined for sale in the United States. For a given compliance period (a calendar year), forms are submitted annually and are due the last day of August of the following year.

Diesel Fuel Compliance Report Forms and Instructions

Instructions: Report Form Templates:
DSF0100: Diesel Fuel Sulfur Credit Banking & Generation Report (PDF)  (3 pp, 90K, revised April 14, 2009) Unified Report Form (XLS) (120K, July 2015)
DSF0200: Diesel Fuel Sulfur Credit Transfer Report (PDF) (4 pp, 45K, revised April 29, 2011)
DSF0302: Diesel Fuel Sulfur Facility Summary Report (PDF)  (4 pp, 37K, revised August 16, 2011)
DSF0401: Diesel Fuel Sulfur Batch Report (PDF) (3 pp, 29K, revised August 8, 2012)
DSF0504: Designate & Track Handoff Report (PDF) (4 pp, 60K, revised August 8, 2012)
DSF0601: Designate & Track Total Volume Report (PDF) (4 pp, 90K, revised April 29, 2011)
DSF0700: Designate & Track Facility Compliance Calculation Report (PDF) (4 pp, 98K, revised April 14, 2009)
DSE0700: Designate & Track Entity Compliance Calculation Report (PDF) (2 pp, 80K, revised April 14, 2009)
DSF0900: Motor Vehicle Diesel Fuel Sulfur Pre-Compliance Report (PDF) (4 pp, 72K, revised April 14, 2009)
DSF0951: NRLM Diesel Fuel Sulfur Pre-Compliance Report (PDF) (6 pp, 89K, revised April 14, 2009)

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Diesel Sulfur & Solvent Yellow 124 Test Facility Qualification

Instructions: Spreadsheet Templates: (February 2013)
DLQ001: Form Instructions to Parties Submitting Diesel Sulfur Accuracy and Precision Information for approval of test methods by facility (PDF)  (12 pp, 119K, EPA-420-B-14-066a, revised September 2014) Sulfur Test Method Form (XLS) (4 pp, 42K, February 2013)
DFM001: Form Instructions for Using EPA Spreadsheet to Submit Solvent Yellow 124 Test Method Precision and Accuracy Information (PDF) (11 pp, 120K, EPA420-B-14-067a, revised September 2014) Marker 124 Test Method Form (XLS) (3 pp, 25K, February 2013)

List of EPA Approved Diesel Sulfur Test Facilities (Accurate as of October 2013)

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