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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Renewable Fuel Standard: Registration for New Producers of Renewable Fuel and Fuel Additives

This page will assist renewable fuel producers in registering under EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). See Title 40 CFR §80.1450 for a full description of the registration requirements. Producers should use this page in conjunction with the regulations, not in lieu of reading the regulations.


Registration Requirements



Review the definitions of Renewable Fuel and Renewable Biomass under Title 40 CFR §80.1401 to determine whether your fuel may qualify as a Renewable Fuel under RFS.

Also review the reporting requirements (§80.1451), recordkeeping requirements (§80.1454), and attest engagement requirements (§80.1464) of RFS. 

See Table 1 of Title §80.1426 to determine whether your fuel falls under an approved RFS fuel pathway.


Register under 40 CFR Part 79, Fuels and Fuels Additives Registration (FFARs) if the renewable fuel is meant for on-road use. Contact Colonel Kelley to begin the FFARs registration process: Kelley.Colonel@epa.gov

Foreign producers do not need to register under FFARs, but the importers that are importing the fuel into the United States must register under FFARs.


After registering under Part 79, create a New Company Request in CDX Fuels Programs Registration (CDX OTAQReg) to register under 40 CFR Part 80. Send the New Company Request paperwork generated in CDX OTAQReg to one of the EPA addresses listed below.

Click here to view instructions for a new user registering a new company in CDX OTAQReg.


Obtain an engineering review conducted by a third-party independent professional engineer per §80.1450(b)(2).

Click here to view the engineering review template.


Provide permits or production records to support the facility’s production capacity.

Please review the definitions of Permitted Capacity and Actual Peak Capacity under §80.1401. Note: Actual Peak Capacities are only required when a Permitted Capacity is not available.


Provide a process heat fuel supply plan pursuant to §80.1450(b)(1)(iv).

Be sure to include the type of process heat fuel supplied, the name of the supplier, and the address of the supplier.


Companies registering to use Biogenic Waste Oils/Fats/Greases or Non-cellulosic Portions of Separated Food Waste feedstocks must provide a separated food waste plan pursuant to §80.1450(b)(1)(vii)(B).

Be sure to include the type of each food waste supplied, the name of each supplier, the address of each supplier, how the waste is being collected, and a plan to quantify and ensure the cellulosic and non-cellulosic portions of the waste will remain separate from other waste materials.


All companies should review the entirety of §80.1450 to determine if the fuel pathways in their registration warrant any additional documentation requirements.

For example, a company registering to produce D-5 Advanced Biofuel from grain sorghum must provide information related to electricity consumption at the facility per §80.1450(b)(1)(ix)(A)(4).


Foreign producers who opt to generate their own RINs, as opposed to having an importer generate RINs upon importation of fuel to the United States, must submit additional documentation, including a bond.

Please review §80.1466 and contact the EPA Fuels Programs Support line for further instructions: support@epamts-support.com 

Prior to mailing your registration materials to EPA, be sure to review all instructions above to ensure you submit a complete registration package.

If you have any questions, please contact EPA Fuels Programs Support: support@epamts-support.com

Send your registration materials to one of the following addresses. When using a commercial delivery service, do not use the U.S. mail address (or vice versa) as your mail will be delayed, may be returned to you, or may even never arrive at our offices. Be aware that sending materials via US Mail will require an irradiation process and could possibly delay delivery.

As of July 28, 2014, all materials should be sent to:

US Mail: Commercial Delivery:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mail Code 6405A
1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20460
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
William Jefferson Clinton Building - North
Mail Code 6405A, Room 6520V; (202) 343-9038
1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004

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