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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Renewable Fuel Standard: Producers of Renewable Fuel and Fuel Additives

See Title 40 CFR §80.1450 for a full description of the registration requirements. This page is intended to be used in conjunction with the regulations and should not be used in lieu of reading the regulations.

Registration information must be submitted to EPA by July 1, 2010 or 60 days prior to engaging in any transaction involving RINs, whichever is later. Note that biodiesel producers must also be registered with the diesel program under 40 CFR §80.597.

The following information must be included in registration:

  • A list and description of the renewable fuels produced and the co-products associated with production at the facility and all of the following for each renewable fuel type:
    • The completed registration forms
    • Copies of applicable air permits
    • A list of the facility's process energy sources
    • Facility specific requirements as per 40 CFR §80.1450(b)
  • All renewable fuel and fuel additive producers must submit one facility registration per facility the producer operates. All visible fields on the forms must be filled out or answered. Failure to answer a question may result in a denial of your entire form package.
    • If the facility is a biodiesel or renewable diesel (as per table 1 in title 40 CFR 80.1426) facility, a Diesel/Biodiesel facility registration must be filled out which will help to satisfy requirements under subparts I, K, and M.
    • If the facility produces any other renewable fuel or fuel additive, including ethanol, or diesel fuels and additives not required to be registered per subpart I, then use the gasoline/ethanol facility form and select RIN Generator.
  • An independent third party engineering review and written verification of the descriptions of the renewable fuels, feedstocks used, and co-products produced.
    • Note: The facility will not be considered completely registered until the engineering review is received and accepted by EPA. Failure to submit the engineering review will cause the registration to be denied or removed.
  • A process heat supply plan (see §80.1150(b)(3)).
  • If applicable, information required as per Title 40 CFR 80.1466

RFS2 Engineering Review Guidance

This document provides guidance to independent third party professional engineers who will be conducting the engineering review for renewable fuel producers as part of their registration requirement for RFS2. It also serves to clarify registration reporting deadlines as well as requirements for submitting supporting registration documents, such as applicable permits, facility records, supplemental plans, etc.

Most renewable fuel producers are required to submit all required information for registration, including copies of applicable permits, engineering review and the applicable supplemental plans, etc to EPA 60 days prior to the generation of RINs. For grandfathered facilities who wish to generate RINs in the short term must comply with all registration requirements (including submission of supplemental plans and permits) 60 days prior to generating RINs. EPA has extended the deadline for submitting the engineering review for grandfathered facilities generating RINs in 2010 to December 31, 2010.

 RFS2 Registration Compliance Guidelines: Engineering Review (PDF) (13 pp, 483K, EPA-420-B-10-024, May 2010)

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IMPORTANT! Before mailing your submission package, please read every form and follow all instructions.

Updated registration information should be submitted to EPA within thirty (30) days of when the registration information previously supplied becomes incomplete or inaccurate.

Mail completed form to:
US Mail:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Fuels Programs Registration (6406J)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460
Commercial Delivery:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Fuels Programs Registration
Room 647C, 202-343-9038
1310 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

Contact EPA Fuels Programs (EPAFuelsPrograms@epa.gov), telephone: 202-343-9755

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