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Transportation and Air Quality

1999 Press Releases

Below are EPA press releases related to the Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ). If you are interested in all EPA press releases, please visit the EPA Newsroom.

Press Releases for 1999
December 21, 1999 Tier II--President Clinton and Vice President Gore--Cleaner Air for the New Century 
December 21, 1999 Tier II--Cleaner Cars and Cleaner Fuels for the 21st Century 
December 21, 1999 Tier II--Remarks by the President at Clean Car Event-Maury Elementary School-Washington, D.C. 
December 21, 1999 Tier II--President Clinton and Vice President Gore--Clean Air: A Record of Accomplishment 
December 21, 1999 Tier II--Table: State Nitrogen Oxide Emissions From Vehicles in 2030 Under Current Standards vs. Vehicles in 2030 With New Standards 
December 17, 1999 EPA Approves State Petitions for Cleaner Air 
December 3, 1999 Emission Standards Set for Large Boats 
December 1, 1999 EPA Moves to Strengthen Air Pollution Plans in Major Urban Areas 
November 18, 1999 Review Draft Issued of a Health Assessment for Diesel Emissions 
November 12, 1999 New Web Site to Give Public Access to Mobile Source Emissions Test Data 
October 14, 1999 Mazda Recalls Cars for Exhaust Emission Problem 
October 6, 1999 EPA to Significantly Reduce Air Pollution from Heavy Duty Trucks; Ensure that Largest SUVs Meet Emission Standards 
July 27, 1999 Statement by Carol M. Browner U.S. EPA Administrator on Findings by EPA'S Blue Ribbon MTBE Panel
July 26, 1999 MTBE Blue-Ribbon Panel Presents Final Recommendations 
May 6, 1999 EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Protective Tailpipe Standards and Reduced Sulfur in Gasoline 
May 1, 1999 Clean Air: Cleaner Cars and Cleaner Gasoline 

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