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Transportation and Air Quality

2000 Press Releases

Below are EPA press releases related to the Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ). If you are interested in all EPA press releases, please visit the EPA Newsroom.

Press Releases for 2000
December 21, 2000 EPA Dramatically Reduces Pollution from Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses; Cuts Sulfur Levels in Diesel Fuel
December 21, 2000 New Toxics Emission Standards Set for Gasoline
December 15, 2000 Vehicle Fuel Economy at 20-Year Low
December 15, 2000 Web Site Shows Diesel Truck, Bus Fleets Run Cleaner
November 21, 2000 Emission Standards Proposed for Recreational and Industrial Engines
October 19, 2000 Consumer Information Ranking Cleanest Cars Available for First Time from EPA
October 2, 2000 EPA Lists Mileage Estimates for 2001 Model Year Vehicles
September 14, 2000 Revisions Proposed to Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs
September 7, 2000 Statement by EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner on Senate Environment & Public Works Committee to Markup MTBE Legislation
August 24, 2000 Motor Vehicle Emissions Agreement Signed with United Nations
August 17, 2000 Air Quality Criteria for Carbon Monoxide
August 7, 2000 EPA Report Stresses Need for Continued Air Quality Improvement
August 1, 2000 EPA Finishes First Phase of Two-Part Strategy for Cleaner Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses 
June 12, 2000 EPA Proposes Making Ethanol Easier to Use in Cleaner-Burning Gasoline 
June 12, 2000 Statement by Robert Perciasepe on the Issues of Reformulated Gasoline and Energy 
May 17, 2000 EPA Administrator Browner to Announce Steps to Reduce Harmful Diesel Fuel Emissions 
May 17, 2000 EPA Proposes Reduced Sulfur Content in Diesel Fuel to Ensure Clean Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses 
May 17, 2000 Statement by the President to Reduce Harmful Emissions from Trucks and Buses 
March 23, 2000 Voluntary Program Launched to Reduce Toxic Pollution from Existing Diesel Engines 
March 20, 2000 EPA Administrator Browner & Agriculture Secretary Glickman to Announce Steps to Eliminate MTBE and to Increase Use of Renewable Additives 
March 20, 2000 EPA Launches a Voluntary Program to Reduce Toxic Pollution from Existing Diesel Engines 
March 20, 2000 Clinton-Gore Administration Acts to Eliminate MTBE, Boost Ethanol 
January 19, 2000 EPA Sets Enforcement Records in 1999 

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