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smartway logoTrends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics (TIPS) for September 11, 2013

TIPS (Trends, Indicators, and Partner Statistics) is a source of leading freight movement industry indicators and quick facts about current SmartWay Partner performance metrics.

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Posted September 11, 2013

Based on 2011 data, this chart shows the averaged percentages of SmartWay carriers (among all SmartWay Carrier Partner categories--truck, rail, logistics, and multimodal) versus non-SmartWay carriers used by SmartWay Logistics Companies. This proportion is based on the reported numbers of SmartWay and non-SmartWay Carriers for each logistics company, averaged across all SmartWay Logistics Companies.

This graph, based on Logistics Company Partner data for 2011, shows these companies distributed by total mileage accumulated by the carriers moving their freight. The line is comprised of points, each of which represents a SmartWay Logistics Company's reported carrier mileage.

SmartWay Logistics Companies range from those with relatively small transportation footprints to those with very large transportation footprints.

This chart portrays the information in the previous graph in another way; this time as a pie chart, to represent the proportion of SmartWay logistics companies whose total carrier mileage correspond to each of the given ranges. Based on Partner data for 2011, each wedge of the pie diagram corresponds to the percentage of SmartWay logistics companies whose Carriers' cumulative mileage for those companies falls within a defined range of miles. As in the previous graph, this mileage includes all mileage contracted by individual SmartWay logistics companies with their carriers.

While about 61% of SmartWay logistics companies reported total carrier mileage under 10 million miles in 2011, the uppermost 13% of SmartWay logistics companies reported total carrier mileage over 100 million miles. This distribution demonstrates that SmartWay logistics companies range from those whose reported carrier mileage is relatively low, to the largest logistics companies in terms of mileage, having very large transportation footprints.

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