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Proposal Revises Underground Storage Tank Regulations

EPA is proposing revisions to strengthen the 1988 federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations by increasing emphasis on properly operating and maintaining UST equipment. These revisions will help improve prevention and detection of UST releases, which are one of the leading sources of groundwater contamination. The revisions will also help ensure all USTs in the United States, including those in Indian country, meet the same minimum standards. This is the first time EPA is proposing significant revisions to the federal UST regulations since they were first promulgated in 1988.

EPA’s proposal revises the UST technical regulation in 40 CFR part 280 by:

EPA is also proposing to update the state program approval (SPA) requirements in 40 CFR part 281 to incorporate the proposed changes to the UST technical regulation listed above.

EPA developed resources to help interested and affected stakeholders review the proposed revisions to the 1988 UST regulations.

Comparison of 1988 UST regulations and proposed UST regulations (PDF) (8 pp, 122K, About PDF)

Wastewater Treatment Tank Systems (PDF) (5 pp, 102K, About PDF)

Red line strikeout of 1988 UST regulations – A version of the 1988 UST regulations with deletions, additions, and changes marked in red text  

40 CFR part 280 (PDF) (119 pp, 571K, About PDF)

Appendix I - Notification For Underground Storage Tanks (PDF) (5 pp, 132K, About PDF)
Appendix II - Notification Of Ownership Change For USTs (PDF) (4 pp, 136K, About PDF)
Appendix III - Statement For Shipping Tickets And Invoices (PDF) (1 pg, 37K, About PDF)

40 CFR part 281 (PDF) (18 pp, 99K, About PDF)

Regulatory Impact Analysis (PDF) (155 pp, 1.3MB, About PDF) – assesses the potential costs, benefits, and other impacts of the proposed revisions to the 1988 UST regulations

Supporting Documents In Docket For Proposed UST Regulations

For more information, contact Elizabeth McDermott at mcdermott.elizabeth@epa.gov or 703-603-7175.

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