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Financial Resources

Public And Private Funding
Federal Government Programs
State and Local Programs
Private Sector Resources


There are numerous sources of financial assistance for the cleanup and redevelopment of petroleum-contaminated sites. For instance, there are many local, state, and federal government environmental and economic development programs that may provide financial assistance in the form of grants and cleanup funds.

Beyond this assistance is a wealth of public and private resources that may be available depending on the intended reuse of a cleaned up site. For instance, parks and recreation programs at the local, state, and federal government levels may have resources devoted to the development of new park land or recreational facilities. Governments often need land on which to locate new parking facilities or government buildings such as fire stations, garages, or libraries. Federal, state, and local housing authorities may have resources devoted to developing low-income housing. Many governments also provide tax incentives to encourage redevelopment.

In the private sector, civic-minded organizations and trusts may have resources such as grants and loans to encourage the redevelopment of old sites. For example, a Habitat For Humanity project (PDF) (1 pg, 103K, About PDF) worked with property owners and local governments to organize labor and other resources to reuse petroleum sites for affordable housing. Financial institutions may provide loans or other assistance for projects.

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Public And Private Funding

Funding Opportunities: A Directory Of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, And Environmental Protection Assistance Programs (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (59 pp, 899K, About PDF)
EPA State And Local Capacity Building Branch. 2004.
Includes information on federal and state funding and private foundations.

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Federal Government Programs

EPA Brownfields Program

Other Federal Programs

Preserving Route 66: Directory Of Financial And Technical Assistance (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (91 pp, 4.4MB, About PDF)
U.S. National Park Service. 2002.

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State And Local Programs

Several of the guides below include information on both public and private funding.

All States
Financing Brownfields: State Program Highlights (PDF) (88 pp, 5.4MB, About PDF)
EPA-560-F-07-252. September 2007.

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - Financial Assistance Exit EPA Disclaimer

New York
Brownfields Financial Resources Manual (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (371 pp, 1.5MB, About PDF)
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. November 2003.

Washington State
Resource Guide: Assistance For Redevelopment In Washington State (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (40 pp, 1.3MB, About PDF)
Washington Department of Ecology; Washington Department of Commerce; and Region 10 of the Environmental Protection Agency. 2009.

The Financial Resource Guide For Cleanup & Redevelopment (PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer (62 pp, 2.2MB, About PDF)
Wisconsin Departments of Commerce and Natural Resources. 2009.

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Private Sector Resources

This section provides links to information on the financial resources of private sector entities.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Exit EPA Disclaimer

Habitat For Humanity Exit EPA Disclaimer


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