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Replacing UST Systems

In 2015, EPA revised the underground storage tank (UST) regulations.

UST system replacement consists of proper closure followed by proper installation. Even if a new system simply replaces an old one, it is important that all closure requirements (such as the site check) and all cleanup requirements (if needed) are met. In many states, tanks and piping must be closed and installed by contractors who are certified to do this type of work. Check with your implementing agency for information on applicable requirements for UST system replacement. If your UST system is located in Indian Country, contact your EPA Regional Office. EPA has responsibility for, and authority over, tanks in Indian Country.

2015 Requirement: Tanks and piping installed or replaced after April 11, 2016 must meet the secondary containment requirements. In addition, owners and operators must install under-dispenser containment for new dispenser systems.

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