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Key Documents

List of all Substitutes for Aerosols (5 pp, 102K)

Environmental, Health, and Flammability Info on Substitutes for HCFC-22 and 142b (4 pp, 12K)

End Uses | Publications | GWPs and ODPs of Some Aerosol Propellants and Solvents

Aerosols are substances stored under pressure and then released as a suspension of particles in air.

End Uses


Questions & Answers about Aerosols Substitutes
Questions And Answers About May, 2007 Proposed and Final Rules on n-Propyl Bromide (3 pp, 33K)
The U.S. Solvent Cleaning Industry and the Transition to Non Ozone Depleting Alternatives (PDF, 73 pp, 563KB)
This report serves as an objective assessment of progress toward using alternatives to ozone depleting substances (ODS).
Aerosol Solvents and Propellants
EPA/ICEL Solvent Reduction Manuals

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