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List of Substitutes


Chronological List of SNAP Updates

List Linking Generic and Trade Names for substitutes

Note: The tables listing the substitutes for refrigeration and air conditioning, foam blowing agents, aerosols, solvents, and adhesives, coatings will be updated soon to include the end-uses and substitutes listed in the most recent actions. 

Substitutes are reviewed on the basis of ozone depletion potential, global warming potential, toxicity, flammability, and exposure potential as described in the final SNAP rule (59 FR 13044; 967K). Lists of acceptable and unacceptable substitutes are updated several times each year. A chronological list of SNAP updates is available.

The SNAP program makes decisions on a particular substitute in a particular end-use within a larger sector. For example, within the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, HFC-134a is acceptable as a substitute for CFC-12 in new and retrofitted household refrigerators. Acceptable substitutes are listed by end-use. These lists include substitutes that are either acceptable, acceptable subject to narrowed use limits, or acceptable subject to use conditions. Because the number of unacceptable substitutes is very small, they are listed by sector.

Substitutes by Sector

The SNAP program has developed a series of pages for each SNAP industrial sector. The following pages contain lists by end use and for the entire sector, as well as related documents (e.g., fact sheets on specific end-uses):

Note: Originally, EPA used generic names instead of trade names. Since the May 1996 Final Rule, however, all lists have used trade names. A list links generic and trade names.

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