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21 Day Content Screen Review Worksheets Introduction

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Under the Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA 3), the Agency has 21 days after it receives the application and the fee to conduct an initial screen of the application’s contents for completeness and for the applicant to make any necessary corrections. If the contents are not complete at the end of the 21 days, the Agency may reject the application.

As a practical matter, Agency staff review the application package quickly and notify the applicant by telephone or e-mail of any missing elements. PRIA 3 specifies the scope of this initial content screen which includes whether the appropriate fee has been paid or a portion of the fee paid and request for a fee waiver for the remainder submitted and that the application contains all the necessary forms, data, and draft labeling, formatted in accordance with guidance published by the Agency.

The Agency developed two 21 day review worksheets for its employees to use to conduct this screen:

These worksheets are being made publicly available as another aid for applicants to use in developing their pesticide registration applications.  Users should keep in mind that these were developed for the Agency’s internal use and from its perspective.

The 21 Day content screen is a screen or scan of the application to identify whether certain components or items are present. After the screen, the application will be reviewed in depth, at which time the Agency may determine that other items are missing or that there are deficiencies. The Agency may then issue a 75 day notice per 40 CFR 152.

In completing the worksheet, boxes for each item will be checked in the appropriate column on the far right of the worksheet as to whether it is present (yes) or not (no) or the item is not applicable (N/A). The worksheet also lists other yes or no questions that are related to an item in the application or that may be used by the Agency to determine the application’s PRIA fee category. Links are provided to forms and other guidance for any questions on specific items and the footnotes contain additional guidance or explanation.

The registration ombudsmen are also available to answer questions on the processes used within the Agency to conduct these screens and to provide additional information. The EPA encourages applicants to contact the appropriate ombudsman prior to submission since only the essential forms and data that need to be submitted are the subject of the screen. Depending upon the application, additional information may need to be submitted to enable the Agency to make a regulatory decision.

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