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Restricted and Canceled Uses

EPA registers pesticides and their use on specific pests and under specific circumstances. For example, "Pesticide A," registered for use on apples, may not be used legally on grapes, or an insecticide registered for "outdoor use" may not legally be used inside a building. In some circumstances, use of a registered pesticide may be restricted to pesticide applicators with special training.


Restricted Use Products - A compilation of both active and canceled pesticide products classified as "Restricted Use." A product, or its uses, classified as "Restricted Use" may only be applied by a certified pesticide applicator or under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. Information on restriction of use of a pesticide is found in the Code of Federal Regulations (Chapter 40, Part 152.160-175)

EPA is mandated by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Section 17 to inform other governments about unregistered pesticides exported from the U.S and about pesticide regulatory actions taken in the U.S. that may have significance for other countries.


Over time, registered pesticides, or certain uses of a registered pesticide, have been canceled. These cancellations occur for various reasons:

EPA does not maintain a listing of canceled pesticides. For information about registration status of specific pesticides, try the query forms developed by California's Department of Pesticide Regulation. Enter an active ingredient or product name to retrieve information about that pesticide. These forms search selected EPA databases.

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