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Note: These links go to sites outside the EPA site. Exit EPA disclaimer Some documents are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

State Extension Guidance

  1. Colorado State University - Proper Pesticide Storage, Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program Pesticide Fact Sheet #115, June 2006  http://wsprod.colostate.edu/cwis79/FactSheets/Sheets/115ProperStorage.pdf
  2. Colorado State University - Pesticide Security, Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program Pesticide Fact Sheet #120, June 2006
  3. Delaware University of Delaware Cooperative Extension - How Safe is Your Pesticide Storage Facility - A lesson plan with a set of jpg images you can copy and insert into a power point presentation. (no date) http://www.udel.edu/pesticide/educator.htm
  4. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Florida Department of the Environment - Best Management Practices for Agrichemical Handling and Farm Equipment Maintenance - May 1998 http://www.dep.state.fl.us/water/nonpoint/docs/nonpoint/agbmp3p.pdf (PDF)
  5. Indiana Purdue University Pesticide Programs - Pesticides and Container Management - reviewed December 2006
  6. Indiana Purdue University Pesticide Programs - Pesticides and Their Proper Storage May 2001http://www.btny.purdue.edu/ppp/PPP_pubs.html
  7. Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture Pesticides Bureau - Storage, Mixing and Loading of Pesticides: Guidelines - (no date, but after 1995) http://www.state.ma.us/dfa/pesticides/publications/
  8. Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E-2335 - On-Farm Agrichemical Storage And Handling - 10/96 http://www.msue.msu.edu/msue/imp/modad/23359601.html
  9. Michigan State University, State Police and Department of Agriculture - Emergency Planning for the Farm, Extension Bulletin E-2575, July 2006
  10. MidWest Plan Service - Designing Facilities for Pesticide and Fertilizer 1995 Containment - MWPS-37 $17 can be ordered online http://www.mwpshq.org
  11. Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service EC 01-2507 - Transport, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides - Summary of Regulations 2001 http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/live/ec2507/build/ec2507.pdf
  12. Nevada University of Nevada Cooperative Extension - Pesticide Safety Tips for Private and Commercial Applicators: Best Management Practices, Special Publication 05-11  http://www.unce.unr.edu/publications/files/ho/2005/sp0511.pdf
  13. Pennsylvania State Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension Agrichemical Fact Sheet 2003 - Pesticide Storage and Security - http://www.pested.psu.edu/issues/security/
  14. South Carolina Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service - Store Pesticides Safely, Pesticide Information Sheet -37, September 2001 http://entweb.clemson.edu/pesticid/pipsheet.htm
  15. Utah State University Extension - Pesticide Storage Facility Design and Management Plan -  November 2003 http://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/factsheet/Pesticides_No__4.pdf
  16. Washington State Department of Agriculture - Compliance Guide for the Use of Pesticides at Public Schools (K-12) and Licensed Day-Care Centers, pp. 31-32 Storage Requirements June 2002 http://agr.wa.gov/pestfert/pesticides/docs/ComplGuidePub075.pdf (PDF)

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Industry/Association Guidance

  1. Crop Life Canada Warehousing Standards - Can be ordered online for free http://www.croplife.ca/web/english/contactus/
  2. MACA Mid America CropLife Association (formerly Midwest Agricultural Chemicals Association) - Fundamental Principles for Storage of Crop Protection Products, August 2000 http://www.maca.org/edu/index.php
  3. MACA Mid America CropLife Association (formerly Midwest Agricultural Chemicals Association) - The How To's With Respect to the Fundamental Principles of Packaged Crop Protection Products Storage, February 2001 http://www.maca.org/edu/index.php
  4. MACA Mid America CropLife Association (formerly Midwest Agricultural Chemicals Association) - Survey Form For Public Warehousing of Crop Protection Products - May 2007 http://www.maca.org/edu/index.php
  5. NFPA National Fire Protection Association - 434 Code for the Storage of Pesticides Current Edition: 2002 for purchase or online viewing $29 http://www.nfpa.org

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State Requirements

  1. Illinois Department of Agriculture - Regulations for Agrichemical Facilities, section 255.180 on: Containment Requirements for the "On-Farm" Storage of Agrichemicals,
  2. Maine Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, Board of Pesticides Control Regulations, found at the end of the list of Rule Chapters under 01 026 Board of Pesticides Control. - Ch. 24 Pesticide Storage Facility Standards / Pesticide Distributors - 1997 and Ch 21 Pesticide Container Disposal and Storage - 1997 http://maine.gov/agriculture/pesticides/laws/regs.htm
  3. New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food Regulations: Disposal and Storage of Pesticides and Pesticide Containers - Chapter Pes 800
    Parts 801 Disposal of Pesticides and Pesticide Containers
    Part 802 Pesticide and Pesticide Container Storage
    Part 803 Dealer Storage of Pesticides and Containers
    Part 805 Mixing and Loading of Pesticides
  4. North Carolina Administrative Code - Pesticide Storage 5/96 http://www.agr.state.nc.us/SPCAP/pesticides/Authorit.htm  Click on the link for "Subchapter 9L  Pesticide Section".  The relevant sections in Subchapter 9L include: Section .0600 Pesticide and Pesticide Container Disposal (p. 15) Section .0800 Bulk Distribution of Pesticides; and (p.18) Section .1900 Pesticide Storage (p. 36)
  5. Washington State Regulations, Title 16-WAC, Chapter 16-228, Section 1200 - Restrictions on pesticide distribution, transportation, application, storage and disposal; and Section 1220 - Restrictions applying to any person holding, handling, using or disposing of pesticides and their containers - 11/27/02 http://apps.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=16-228-1200 Washington state employees note that these regulations are old and represent minimum requirements. They refer people to local fire departments for actual requirements at their specific location. Fire, building and zoning codes are usually more restrictive than these basic regulations.
    See State Building Code: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=19.27

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Federal Agency Guidance

  1. EPA Chemical Security Web Site - Safe Storage & Handling of Swimming Pool Chemicals - March 2001 http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/docs/chem/spalert.pdf
  2. EPA Chemical Security Web Site - Chemical Accident Prevention: Site Security - February 2000 http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/docs/chem/secale.pdf
  3. EPA Chemical Security Web Site - Topical Backgrounder: New Ways to Prevent Chemical Accidents - May 1999 http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/docs/chem/incident.pdf

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