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Soil Fumigant Resources

Current as of August 2013

EPA requires important safety measures for soil fumigant pesticides to increase protection of agricultural workers and others who live, work, or otherwise spend time near fields that are fumigated.  

The following presentations are intended to provide background information about the agency’s soil fumigant label requirements. For pesticide applicator or handler training programs required by the label, see www.epa.gov/fumiganttraining.

EPA Presentations on Soil Fumigation Requirements (August 2010)
Nine presentations in PowerPoint and PDF format:

Module PowerPoint PDF
(about PDF)
(Mod 1) EPA Process and Implementation (21 pp, 269K, PowerPoint) (21 pp, 226 KB)
(Mod 2) Soil Fumigant Uses (18 pp, 5.36M, PowerPoint) (18 pp, 1.91 M)
(Mod 3) Overview of Risks (17 pp, 9.23M, PowerPoint) (17 pp, 1.30 M)
(Mod 4) Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) (12 pp, 871K, PowerPoint) (12 pp, 528 KB)
(Mod 5) Protections for Workers and Handlers (33 pp, 2.96M, PowerPoint) (33 pp, 1.13 KB)
(Mod 6) Fumigant Management Plans (FMPs) (22 pp, 364K, PowerPoint) (22 pp, 365 KB)
(Mod 7) Buffer Zones and Posting (31 pp, 4.62M, PowerPoint) (31 pp, 1.7 M)
(Mod 8) Emergency Preparedness and Response
and Related Measures
(20 pp, 825K, PowerPoint) (20 pp, 546 KB)
(Mod 9) Registrant Requirements (10 pp, 176K, PowerPoint) (10 pp, 150 KB)

Contact the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) at 1-800-858-7378 or http://npic.orst.edu/ for general information about soil fumigants, to learn about how to report a potential incident or activity of concern, and for other pesticide related questions.

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