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Pick 5 for the Environment

Link to Pick 5

Pick 5 for the Environment

You can print this page to keep a record of your Pick 5 pledge.

To help protect the environment, I pledge to:

Pick 5 is an international environmental connection effort brought to you by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of State.

Brought to you by the US EPA and the US Dept. of State America.gov US EPA

After you pledge the 5 you picked...

Share Your Story

Let others know what you committed to through Pick Five. Show the actions you've taken. Share your:

Share your story: How do you
spread the word about Pick5?

You can also sign up for email updates from EPA:

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Girl holding a crayfish. This photo, submitted by S. Gilmore, was a finalist in the 2008 Earth Day Photo Contest.At home and in the garden
At work
At school
While shopping
In your community
On the road

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