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Session Papers from the 25th Annual Conference on Managing Environmental Quality Systems

* Note: The session papers and presentations accessible via this site are posted for informational purposes only. They have not been reviewed or endorsed by EPA management and thus do not represent an official statement of EPA's views or policy. They are not intended to be used to formulate or support any EPA decision or position. Posting these materials does not indicate EPA adoption or endorsement of the information contained therein.

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more. If you have difficulty accessing these PDF files, please contact the Quality Staff at 202-564-6830 or quality@epa.gov for assistance.

General Quality System Sessions
Ambient Air Sessions
Environmental Statistics Sessions

General Sessions (listed alphabetically)
Advances in Sampling and Monitoring (PDF 15pp, 207K)
  • Visual Sample Plan (B. Pulsipher)
  • Heterogeneity Rules: Implications for Environmental Statistics  (D.Crumbling)
Best Practices in Information Quality Improvement (PDF 8pp, 43K)
  • ORD's Scientific Office of the Future (L.Petterson)
  • Application of Software QA Concepts and Procedures to Research Involving Software Development (R.Wright)
  • The Emergent Data Steward (C. Mallory)
Detection and Reporting Limits (PDF 17pp, 178K)
  • Method Detection Limits and Reporting Non-Detects in Microbiology  (S.Wasson)
  • When Laboratorires Should Not Censor Data  (C.Davis)
  • New Statistical Procedure for Determining MRL Under the UCMR2  (J. Martin)
Environmental Data Quality and Laboratory Systems (PDF 11pp, 108K)
  • The Road to ISO 17025  (J.Bennett)
  • Take the Challenge, Initiating a New Laboratory into a Long-Term Monitoring Program  (J. Schofield)
  • Data Quality Assurance: Asking Appropriate Questions  (J. Caprio)
Environmental Indicators (PDF 2pp, 34K)
  • Quality Considerations in Developing EPA's EI  (N.Wentworth, D.Shaw)
Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (PDF 2pp, 38K)
  • Why Lab Accreditations an Essential Element of DQS
  • Accreditation Requirements for Laboratories - Quality System
  • Accreditation Requirements for Laboratories - PT and On-sites
  • Requirements for an Accreditation Body
  • Accreditation for Field Measurements and Sampling
  • Role of EPA in a National Accreditation Program
Environmental Quality Systems Management: Best Practices and Case Studies (PDF 13pp, 123K)
  • Re-engineering Data Flow Process for a Regional Monitoring Program (D. Ivanoff)
  • Automated Audit Software for the SFWMD  (T. Fitzpatrick)
  • Spatial Modeling of Environmental Data  (A. Debebe)
Electronic Tools to Improve Data Management (PDF 19pp, 325K)
  • Training a Prototype Classification Algorithm to ID Contaminents for the CCL List (M. Messner)
  • A TRI Trend Analysis Tool  (N.Neerchal)
  • Utilization of 3-D Spinning Plots as Exploratory Tool s (H.Allendar)
  • New Environmental Stats Software GiSd (Guided Interactive Statistical Decision Tools ) (D. Bronson, K. Black)
  • HMSI Monitoring System: A Tool for Long-Term Remediation Performance Monitoring  (W. Michael)
Project Planning & Assessment (PDF 23pp, 425K)
  • Data Quality Objectives for Atrazine Monitoring  (M.Messner)
  • Challenges of Implementing Project-Level QA for Environmental Projects in Developing Countries  (I.Salau)
  • Steps to Take to Ensure that Data are Usable, Meaningful and Legally Defensible  (J.McAteer)
Quality Documentation & Records (PDF 10pp, 111K)
  • Managing Field and Laboratory Records for Environmental Investigations  (K.Matthews)
  • Virtual TSA of Research QA and Records Management Systems  (T.Hughes)
  • QA Documentation and Information Quality: The Common Thread that Binds (D.Weingart Webb)
Quality Improvement and International Quality Standards (PDF 8pp, 81K)
  • Effective Management Review for Improving ISO9000 and E4 Quality Management  (C.Hedin)
  • Information Compliance with ISO 14000  (M.Sullivan)
Quality Improvement Practices in the EPA Office of Environmental Information (PDF 4pp, 84K)
  • QA/QC - Who Determines the Quality and What Is Being Controlled?  (P. Garvey)
  • Quality Activities within OEI's Office of Information Analysis and Access (N. Wentworth)
Quality Program and Quality Improvements in the EPA Office of Environmental Information (PDF 4pp, 26K)
  • Guide to Information and Quality Standards & Policies Applicable to EPA Operations (E.Haddad)
  • Challenges in Integrating Performance Measures and Quality Operations (J. Worthington)
  • Building/Implementing a Web-based QS for OEI (K.Hull)
Quality System Development (PDF 8pp, 45K)
  • Developing a Quality System for the National Children's Study (D.Michael)
  • Implementation of the UFP for QA Plans (M.Carter, B. Runyon)
  • Integrating the EPA Quality System with the National Water Program (K.Boynton)
Quality Systems Implementation (PDF 11pp, 98K)
  • Stages of QS Implementation  (L.Blume)
  • Painful Stages in the Implementation of Quality Systems & Graded Approach for Assessing Quality Systems for State, Tribal and Local Agencies  (A. Kahn, D. Johnson, S. Stubbs)
  • Financing Quality Systems During Multiple Stages of Implementation  (L. Blume)
  • QA Plans for Tribal Pesticide Enforcement Programs  (D. Taylor)
  • America's Next QAPP Model  (M. Kantz)
Quality System Policy Framework (PDF 3pp, 53K)
  • Status and Next Steps for EPA's QA Policy  (R.Shafer)
  • Guide to Integrating Management Systems  (J.Worthington, K.Hull, E.Haddad)
Topics in Hurricane Response (PDF 3pp, 41K)
  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Region 6 Laboratory Response (D. Gregg)
  • Ambient Air Monitoring and QA in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief  (G. Noah)
Workshop: Avoiding Statistical Pitfalls in Environmental Science (PDF 2pp, 44K)
  • Getting the Right Statistical Answers for Contaminated Sites  (D.Crumbling, S. Dyment, M. Moore)
Ambient Air Sessions (PDF 42pp, 790K)
  • Long-Dependence of Air Quality Data  (S.Chen)
  • Ambient Air Monitoring and QA in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief (G. Noah)
  • QA and Data Issues Related to AQS (J.Miller)
  • Electronic Recordkeeping and the National Ambient Monitoring QA Program  (C.Brown)
  • QA Tools for Small Organizations - Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center Updates  (M.Ronca-Battista)
  • SOPs -- Friend or Foe?  (A. Kelley)
  • Performance Auditing of a Human Air Pollution Exposure Chamber for PM2.5 (M.Ray)
  • Growth of Field Audit Program for EPA's Speciation Trends Network (D. Crumpler)
  • PM2.5 Speciation Monthly Sampler Performance Verification Form  (J. Lantz)
  • Improving Portability and Reducing Cost in the TTP Performance Laboratory  (A. Teitz)
  • Status and Changes in EPA Infrastructure for Bias Traceability to NIST  (M. Shanis)
Environmental Statistics Sessions
  • Overview of Environmental Statistics Courses at NCSU (W.Hunt)
  • NCSU Student Presentations (B.Hare, E.Holland, F. Hornsby and
  • EPA Perspective on Student Projects (B. Nussbaum)
Methodological Advances in Quality Measurement and Assessment (PDF 14pp, 396K)
  • Confidence Intervals Revisited (P.Lacayo)
  • Monitoring the Long-Memory Air Quality Data Using ARFIMA Model (S.Chen)
  • Combining Classical Analyses with Practicality: A Different Look at the STN Versus IMPROVE Network (L.Camalier)
Recent Applications of SAS in Health and Environmental Analyses (PDF 10pp, 106K)
  • Air Explorer - Powerful Web-Driven Tools  (D.Mintz)
  • Quality Improvement through the Use of Compiled SAS Macros for Environmental Risk Assessment  (S.Fleming)
  • Strategies for Statistical Analysis with SAS System 9  (J.Stultz)
Statistical Issues for Health and the Environment (PDF 13pp, 287K)
  • Statistical Methods to Analyze Occupational Safety Data of DOE Facilities  (R. Sastry)
  • Statistical Issues in the Analysis of the Carcinogenic Risk of Ethylene Oxide (H. Kahn)
  • Partial Least Squares Regression for Small Sample (M.Nash)



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