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"No Discharge Zones" in Region 5

National Information

No Discharge Zones by state


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"No Discharge Zones" are designated bodies of waters that prohibit the discharge of treated and untreated boat sewage. Completely enclosed freshwater lakes or bodies of water are by definition "No Discharge" areas, therefore all inland lakes are "No discharge" zones within Region 5. Because "No Discharge" zone waters have greater environmental protection, even vessels with Type I or II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) are prohibited from discharging treated sewage into these areas and they must be properly secured to ensure that sewage discharge will be prevented (i.e., closed seacock and padlock).

Rules and Regulations

Map of No Discharge Zones in Region 5 Waters

Map of "No Discharge" Zones in Region 5 waters.

The Clean Water Act (CWA) authorizes the designation of "no discharge zones" (NDZs). In a NDZ, all vessels are prohibited from discharging sewage, whether treated or not. The CWA provides 3 different procedures for designating NDZs:

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Map of No Discharge zones in Michigan


Map of No Discharge zones in Minnesota



Map of No Discharge zones in Wisconsin

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