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Example Floor Drain Closures

In order to make the options owners of motor vehicles waste disposal wells have for closing their wells easier to understand, we are providing pictures of some recent closures.

Narrow trench drain being cleaned Narrow trench drain being vacuumed Waste hauler truck

Trench drain is pressure cleaned and waste fluids are vacuumed out before drain is cemented close. The drain could also be capped as below for collecting fluids or piped to a holding tank for pumping by a licensed waste hauler.

Wide trench drain showing cap on outflow pipe Wide trench drain partially filled with cement Above ground holding tank

Drain pipe from trench drain is capped and cemented closed. The third picture shows an above ground holding tank.

Pit floor drain with fluid inside Pit floor drain showing capped pipe and partially filled with cement Pit floor drain completely filled with cement

Before, during and after floor drain is cemented closed.

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