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List of Documents on File in the Region 5 Land Ban Administrative Record

These items are part of a General Land Ban Administrative Record that will be incorporated by reference into the Administrative Records for individual land ban exemption decisions issued by US EPA Region 5. Petitioners citing these items in their petitions do not need to include copies of these documents when they submit their petitions, just a notation that the document is on file with the US EPA Region 5 Underground Injection Control Branch. We will add additional items to this list as we receive them this compilation. Petitioners may submit electronic copies of additional items by emailing them to Stephen Roy (roy.stephen@epa.gov). Note that these documents are not available from the US EPA in either paper or electronic formats.

Papers and Books

Author Year Title Bibliographic Information
Aller, Linda 1984 Methods for Determining the Location of Abandoned Wells EPA Contract No. CR-809353, Jerry Thornhill, Project Officer, 130 pgs.
Anderson, M.P. 1979 Using models to simulate the movement of contaminants through groundwater flow systems Critical reviews in environmental control, ed. by Staub, C.P., p. 97-156.
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ASTM 1995 Standard Guide for Defining Initial Conditions in Ground-Water Flow Modeling Jan 1995, p. 1382-1383.
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ASTM 1364 Standard Guide for Defining Boundary Conditions in Ground-Water Flow Modeling Oct. 1994, p. 1364-1366.
ASTM 1994 Standard Guide for Comparing Ground-Water Flow Model Simulations to Site-Specific Information Jan. 1994, p. 1326-1333.
ASTM 1992 Standard Practice for Evaluating Mathematical Models for the Environmental Fate of Chemicals Apr 1992, p. 255-261.
ASTM 1987 Standard Test method for determination of the in-situ stress in rock using the hydraulic fracturing method May 1987,p. 866-872
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  1990 Assessing the Geochemical Fate of Deep-Well-Injected Hazardous Waste: Summaries of Recent Research EPA/625/6-89/025b, 97 pgs.


Title Reference
Average compressibility of 100,000-ppm NaCl in distilled water after Long and Chierici
Average compressibility of distilled water after Long and Chierici
Brine viscosity/temperature correlations Matthews and Russell, 1967
Correlation between compressional and shear travel times for sedimentary rocks  
Data base of in situ stress measurement plotted by rock type after Voegele et al., 1983
Example of fracturing related pressures after Nolte, 1982
Ohio karst areas  
Qualitative correlation between stress difference for various rock types after Abou-Sayed et al., 1981


Title Reference
Additive volume increments for calculating Lebas Molar Volume Lyman, 1990, Reid et al.
Friction pressure drop through 4 1/2 inch tubing for fresh water  
Literature and calculated free-water diffusivities for major organic waste constituents  
Literature free-water diffusivities for major inorganic waste constituents after Lerman, 1979
Modified Mercalli intensity (damage) scale of 1931  
Region 6 Land Ban health-based limits guideline--revised 4/25/05  
Tracer diffusion coefficients of ions at infinite dilution oin water from Li & Gregory , 1974
Van der Waals increments of atoms or groups  
Volume properties of ordinary water Kell, G.S.

Other Documents

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Bibliography of Inneos 2006 petition
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