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Cleanup Technology & Tools
EPA and MultiAgency Cleanup Tools:  

Cleanup: Technology & Tools

EPA's Radiation Site Cleanup Program uses the best available science to develop risk assessment tools and guidance for cleaning up sites that are contaminated with radioactive materials. The Cleanup Program also provides technical support and expertise to EPA's Superfund program.

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General Information

About EPA's Radiation Site Cleanup Program
describes the organization of the program, its work with other organizations in the Agency, and results of its activities

Related Links
provides links to cleanup-related information on other Web sites

Frequent Questions
questions and answers about the cleanup of radioactively contaminated sites

Technical Information

Radioactively Contaminated National Priority List (NPL) Sites
Superfund sites containing radioactive contaminants; fact sheets, status of cleanup

Emerging Technologies
this document is the first in a series of reports on the use of nanotechnology in the cleanup of materials contaminated with radionuclides.

Inventory of Radiological Methodologies
This report describes appropriate radio analytical methodologies used to characterize environmental samples containing radionuclides, including screening methodologies and radionuclide-specific analyses. The document is intended for non radio analytical specialists, such as Remedial Project Managers or Site Assessment Managers with backgrounds in geology, engineering, or hydrology. Appendix A contains a glossary of terms used in this document.

publications, guidance, and technical documents related to remediation technology and tools


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