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Obtain a Copy of MARSAME


MARSAME (January 2009) is available in electronic format. Federal Register Notices are also available.

Electronic Copies

Select the method for obtaining copy of MARSAME (January 2009) that suits your needs:

Download Sections
Section Size Format
Table of Contents 203K About PDF
Roadmap 158K About PDF
Cover and Spine 810K About PDF
Download Chapters
No. Title Size Format
1. Introduction and Overview 110K About PDF
2. Initial Assessment of Materials and Equipment 145K About PDF
3. Identify Inputs to the Decision 238K About PDF
4. Develop a Survey Design 211K About PDF
5. Implement the Survey Design 226K About PDF
6. Evaluate the Survey Design 251K About PDF
7. Statistical Basis for MARSAME Surveys 810K About PDF
8. Illustrative Examples 453K About PDF
  References 64K About PDF
  Glossary 107K About PDF
Download Appendices
No. Appendix Size Format
A. Statistical Tables and Procedures 745K About PDF
B. Sources of Background Radioactivity 62K About PDF
C. Examples of Common Radionuclides 35K About PDF
D. Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques 289K About PDF
E. Disposition Criteria 140K About PDF

Federal Register Notices

Obtain copies of related Federal Register Notices in pdf or text format:

Title Date Format
Notice of Availability 1/16/2009 txt
Notice of Availability 1/16/2009 pdf

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