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Obtain a Copy of MARSSIM


MARSSIM, Revision 1 (August 2000) including the June 2001 updates, is available in printed or electronic format. Historic versions and Federal Register Notices are also available.

Printed Copies

You can purchase a hard copy of MARSSIM from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) sales desk or website. Its NTIS document number is PB97-117659.

Sales Desk

Hours: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday
Phone: 800-553-6847
TDD (Hearing impaired only): 703-487-4639

NTIS Website
Search by Document Number
Search by "MARSSIM" and select the most recent version from the list returned

Electronic Copies

Select the method for obtaining a copy MARSSIM, Revision 1 (August 2000) including the June 2001 updates, that suits your needs:

Download Sections
Section Size Format
Reference Availability 12K About PDF
Table of Contents 124K About PDF
Roadmap 116K About PDF
Cover and Spine 103K About PDF
Download Chapters
No. Title Size Format
1. Introduction 41K About PDF
2. Overview of the Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Process 272K About PDF
3. Historical Site Assessment 102K About PDF
4. Preliminary Survey Considerations 344K About PDF
5. Survey Planning and Design 520K About PDF
6. Field Measurement Methods and Instrumentation 363K About PDF
7. Sampling and Preparation for laboratory Measurements 138K About PDF
8. Interpretation of Survey Results 220K About PDF
9. Quality Assurance and Quality Control 38K About PDF
  References 50K About PDF
  Glossary 191K About PDF
  Index 35K About PDF
  Bibliographic Data 13K About PDF
Download Appendices
No. Appendix Size Format
A. Example of MARSSIM Applied to a Final Status Survey 196K About PDF
B. Simplified Procedure for Certain Users of Sealed Sources, Short Half-life Materials, and Small Quantities 57K About PDF
C. Site Regulations and Requirements Associated with Radiation Surveys and Site Investigations 75K About PDF
D. The Planning Phase of the Data Life Cycle 186K About PDF
E. The Assessment Phase of the Data Life Cycle 20K About PDF
F. The Relationship Between the Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Process, the CERCLA Remedial or Removal Process, and the RCRA Correction Action Process 100K About PDF
G. Historical Site Assessment Information Sources 71K About PDF
H. Description of Field Survey and Laboratory Analysis Equipment 251K About PDF
I. Statistical Tables and Procedures 457K About PDF
J. Derivation of Alpha Scanning Equations Presented in Section 284K About PDF
K. Comparison Tables Between Quality Assurance Documents 30K About PDF
L. Regional Radiation Program Managers 16K About PDF
M. Sampling Methods: A List of Sources 36K About PDF
N. Data Validation Using Data Receptors 105K About PDF

MARSSIM Archives

Obtain a copy of the originally released MARSSIM (December 1997) in zip format. (WARNING! This copy of MARSSIM is a historical document, and not intended for use. For an up-to-date version of MARSSIM, please use MARSSIM, Revision 1 (August 2000) with the June 2001 updates, available above).

Obtain copies of related Federal Register Notices in pdf or text format:

Title Date Format
Notice of Availability 2/11/1998 txt
Notice of Availability 2/11/1998 pdf
Revision 1: Notice of Availability 10/18/2000 txt
Revision 1: Notice of Availability 10/18/2000 pdf
List of corrections to Revision 1 6/29/2001 txt
List of corrections to Revision 1 6/29/2001 pdf

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