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Mixed Waste
Waste Management: 

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Below are links to sites that may help mixed-waste generators in managing their wastes:

The Radiation and the Health Physics Home Page  Exit EPA Disclaimer
This University of Michigan Health Physics Home Page contains information and links related to Radiation.

Organization of Agreement States
This site provides information about the membership, purpose, and activities of the group.

This site provides information about innovative treatment and site characterization technologies and acts as a forum for all waste management stakeholders.

Laws and Regulations
This page is EPA's gateway to current information about existing environmental laws and regulations as well as pending legislation and proposed rules.

NSCEP/NEPIS (National Service Center for Environmental Publications/National Environmental Publications Internet Site)
NSCEP/NEPIS is the largest repository of Agency publications with more than 5,500 available titles, including paper and electronic versions available for distribution.

Radwaste.org  Exit EPA Disclaimer
This site is provides a reference source for radioactive waste management professionals and other interested individuals.

Library of the Environmental Sciences and Protection Program
These pages assist the lay reader in understanding the procedures for cleaning up and restoring contaminated sites, as well as understanding the rocks and soils which form the geologic environment.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission:  Radioactive Waste
This site provides information such as waste disposal facilities, regulated wastes, and regulated activities.

DOE Office of Environmental Management: Waste Management
This site provides access to DOE's waste management policies and addresses regulatory and policy issues.

OSHA Library/Reading Room 
This page provides access to a variety of OSHA manuals, regulations, and other information.

National Academies of Sciences  Exit EPA Disclaimer
This site provides information about the activities and publications of the NAS.

National Institute of Standards & Technology: Ionizing Radiation Division 
NIST develops, maintains, and disseminates the national standards for ionizing radiation and radioactivity.

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