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Radiation Information for Reporters

Basic Radiation Information

Understanding Radiation
radiation and radiation protection basics (e.g., What is an Atom?)

Rad Facts
radiation and radiation basics from an emergency response perspective

Risks and Realities (PDF) (17 pp, 1.742MB About PDF)
general radiation protection brochure for lay-audiences

definitions of terms used throughout the site

These documents were produced by the National Safety Council with grants from the U.S. EPA.

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Program Information

Basic Information about EPA's Radiation Protection Program
organizational charts, mission, look to the future, what you can do

Radiation Protection at EPA: The First 30 Years (PDF) (84 pp, 1.3MB About PDF) [EPA 402-B-00-01] August 2000
chronicles the development of EPA's radiation protection program

Radiation Protection within EPA (organizational chart)
distribution of radiation protection activities within the Agency

Contacting Us
phone, e-mail, mailing addresses for EPA's Radiation Protection Program

Reporter's Guides

Reporter's Guide to Yucca Mountain
description of the project and roles of federal agencies; includes story ideas

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News Rooms

EPA Newsroom
current events, press releases, etc. across the Agency

News Releases (EPA)
current and historical media notices


Contact Us
Radiation Protection Program phone, e-mail, and ground mail information

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