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Radiation Emergencies
Emergency Response:

Proposed Revision to PAG Manual

Emergency Preparedness
and Response

The PAG Manual suggests precautions that state and local authorities can take during a radiological emergency to keep the members of the public from receiving an amount of radiation that might be dangerous to their health.  The PAG Manual provides flexible guidance that state and local authorities can use in preparing their emergency response plans.

EPA has proposed revisions to the current manual, which was last revised in 1992, to update dose calculations based on current science. EPA believes that guidance based on the best available science can help local authorities save lives and minimize the impact of a radiological emergency.  The revised PAG Manual includes lessons learned from actual radiological emergencies, including the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. 

Significant changes include:

Draft PAG Manual for Interim Use and Public Comment (PDF)(86 pp, 842.86KB, March 2013)

Fact Sheet on the Proposed Revisions


Presentation: Overview of the Revised PAG Manual

2013 PAG Manual Revision


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