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Food Irradiation
Becoming Aware of Radiation Sources:



Food Irradiation

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) establishes regulations for labeling of irradiated foods. Labels must contain the words "Treated with Radiation" or "Treated by Irradiation" and display the irradiation logo, the Radura.

Radura Symbol: stylized flowering plant surrounded by broken circle, which symbolizes radiation

The petals represent the food, the central circle the radiation source, and the broken circle illustrates the rays from the energy source

Retail Foods

FDA requires labeling of packaged, irradiated food sold at retail stores. Irradiated, whole foods sold in bulk, such as fruits and vegetables, also must display the label.

No label is required for food products that contain irradiated ingredients, such as spices, as long as the entire product has not been irradiated.

Container of strawberries with label reading "Treated by Irradiation"

Wholesale Foods

Irradiated foods sold at the wholesale level also must be labeled. However, both the shipping container and the invoice or bill of lading must display the statement, "Do not irradiate again." FDA has not evaluated products that have been irradiated more than once.

Restaurant Foods

FDA does not require labeling of irradiated food served in restaurants.

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