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Radon (Rn)

Radon Media Campaigns

Living Healthy & Green | Eddie's Story: Test. Fix. Save a Life | Build Green: It's Easy to Build New Homes Radon-Resistant
Other Radon Media Campaigns: Consumer Education: What is Radon? | Surgeon General's Warning | The Man on the Street | People on the Street | Take the National Radon Test | Rooftops

Living Healthy & Green

Also Available in Spanish (MPG, 0:0:60, 11.6 M, Get the Media Player)

We want Americans to know that a big part of “living green” is breathing clean, healthy indoor air. One of the best ways to protect our families’ health is to get radon gas out of our homes. It’s the environmentally responsible choice that can help reduce lung cancer. Since radon enters homes from under the ground, living healthy and green starts from the ground up. By kicking radon out of homes every family can have safer, healthier air to breathe.

EPA developed Living Healthy & Green to educate the public about how easy it can be to kick radon out. The campaign features former NFL kicker Fuad Reveiz, now a home builder who uses radon-resistant construction and encourages others to do the same. The Living Healthy & Green media campaign features TV and seven unique music genres for radio stations and MP3 players. The entire campaign is available in multiple media formats and sizes for newspapers, magazine, billboards and the Web in both English and Spanish.

  • Find 30 and 60 second TV Spots in English and Spanish, 60 second Radio Spots tailored for different music genre, Print Ads for Newspapers and Magazines, Ringtones, Pipe Stickers, a Holiday eCard and Web Banners. All elements can be viewed and ordered on line at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/greensox/ exiting EPA

Dr. Oz Discusses: The #1 Cancer Risk at Home

Watch the The Dr. Oz Show (February 10, 2011). Parts 1 and 2 are available via his website exiting EPA

For inquiries from the media, contact Nate McMichaels   mcmichaels.nate@epa.gov (202) 564-0382. Find a complete list of EPA's Media contacts.

Retired NFL Player Chester Pitts tells homeowners about the dangers of radon.

Find more videos on EPA's YouTube Channel

Eddie's Story: Test. Fix. Save a Life

Eddie's Story by Benjamin Schultz and Michael Gentilini


In Eddie's Story, the winner of EPA's 2008 "Test, Fix, Save a Life" video contest, lung cancer survivor Eddie Metcalfe shares his personal story - a powerful call to action for every American home to be tested for radon. Share with your friends, and please have your home tested.

  • Get the video in various media forms, get Web banners and a print ad. For Eddie's Story, you can also get a Postcard, Promotional Information (with a read me file) and a 3-Fold Card. All elements can be viewed and ordered on line at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/eddiestory/ exiting EPA

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Build Green: It's Easy to Build New Homes Radon-Resistant

...The good news is you can build your customers a safer, healthier, radon-resistant home. The techniques to prevent radon from entering a home are practical and straightforward for any builder. It’s an inexpensive way to offer families a benefit that could reduce their risk of lung cancer. And it’s a smart way to build trust between you and your customer." 
Fuad Reveiz, Member of the National Association of Home Builders

  • Listen to the Radio Ads - Neighbors (MP3, 0:0:30, 501 K) Builders (MP3, 0:0:30, 491 K) and Constructor Fuad (Spanish) (MP3, 0:0:30, 468 K)
  • You can also get Trade and Consumer Magazine Ads. All elements can be viewed and ordered on line at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/fuad/ exiting EPA (You will be directed to a TV Access Web site.)

Please Note: This information is provided as a public service to help protect our environment and public health. EPA does not endorse this particular builder or any other commercial service or enterprise.

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Archived Radon Media Campaigns

Consumer Education: What is Radon?

Consumer Education: What is Radon? Video

(WMV, 0:4:35, 46.4 M)
Find MP2, MP4, WMV and FLV versions of this video at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/epu/ exiting EPA

Emmy Award® Winning Radon PSA "The Man on the Street" National Campaign

(MPG, 0:0:30, 3.1 M) Also available in Spanish
Find TV and Radio spots at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/manonstreet/ exiting EPA

"Take the National Radon Test"

(MPG, 0:0:30, 26 M)
Find two other Test Clip at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/radontest/ exiting EPA

Surgeon General's Warning Radon PSA Campaign

Surgeon General's Warning Radon PSA Campaign

(MP4, 0:0:30, 3 M) Also available in Spanish
Order TV, Radio, Print (Newspaper, Magazine and Real Estate) from www.epapsa.com/campaigns/surgeongeneral/ exiting EPA

"People on the Street"

(MPG, 0:0:30, 26 M)
www.epapsa.com/campaigns/peopleonstreet/ exiting EPA

Radon PSA "Rooftops"

(MPG, 0:0:30, 2.6M)
Find TV and Radio spots at www.epapsa.com/campaigns/rooftops/ exiting EPA

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