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National Radon Action Month

Resources and Materials

Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign

RadonLeaders.org is an online learning and action network supporting the Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign hosted by the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, or CRCPD, with contributions from industry and EPA. RadonLeaders.org allows you to connect with other radon leaders through interactive tools and resources, such as the forums and online calendar. Learn from your colleagues and share your own leadership story in the Radon Change Package , which features proven strategies for reducing radon risks. For more information, visit www.epa.gov/radon/radonleaders.html

Special Radon Messages

As you conduct radon outreach throughout the year, consider incorporating messages to test for radon, fix radon problems, and build radon resistant homes with other environmental health messages and special events.  The following are some examples of seasonal messages you can use at different times of the year:

  • February – Protect Your Loved Ones. Test for Radon. (Valentine’s Day)
  • April – Don’t Be Foolish. Test Your Home for Radon. (April Fool's Day)
  • May/August – Breathe With Ease. Fix Your Home By Reducing Radon Gas. (Clean Air Month)
  • June – Living Green is Healthier. Build Radon-Resistant Homes. (Home Safety Month)
  • October – Protect Your Children From Radon. Test Your Home. (Children’s Health Month)
  • November – Radon is the Leading Cause of Lung Cancer Among Non-Smokers. (Lung Cancer Awareness Month)
  • December – Give the Gift of Health. Protect Loved Ones by Reducing Radon in Your Home. (Holiday Season)

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Order Radon Publications and Materials

EPA has a wide range of free radon outreach materials available to help support your activities.  You can choose from educational brochures, guidebooks, reports, a map of radon zones, and other useful information.  Many of these resources are available in English and Spanish. Visit our radon publication page

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Recursos Disponibles en Español/Spanish Resources Available

EPA tiene los recursos siguientes disponibles en español para ayudarle con sus esfuerzos de alcance.

Para tener acceso a televisión y la radio en español, e imprimir los Anuncios de Servicio Público (PSAs, por sus siglas en inglés) sobre radón visite: www.epa.gov/radon/media_campaigns.html y www.epapsa.com exiting EPA

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Participate in the National Radon Poster Contest

2014 National Radon Poster Contest Winners Announced!

2014 National Radon Poster Contest - 1st Place

Maison, Age 13 of Provo, UT

This annual national poster contest is run by Kansas State University, in partnership with EPA. The Contest is for children ages 9 to 14 to encourage testing for homes for radon. Entries are accepted from February through November from students in the U.S. states, tribal nations and U.S. territories.

  • For complete contest rules and information, visit the KSU National Radon Program Services Website at www.sosradon.org exiting EPA
  • To view posters from the 2014 state and national winners, visit the KSU National Radon Program Services Website exiting EPA
  • Host an awards ceremony, school assembly or another special event to honor your state or local contest winners. A no-cost toolkit to help you plan and implement a local contest awards ceremony is available. Contact Bruce Sneed at Radon@ksu.edu  for more information

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Contact Your State Radon Program for Help

Your state radon program wants to work with you to help make your National Radon Action Month efforts a success.  State radon programs can help you plan your activities or provide additional radon collateral such as giveaways. Find contact information for your state, just click on your state.

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Collaborate with Experts from the Radon Professionals Speaker's Bureau

Contact radon professionals from the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, Inc., or AARST, to speak at your event or field questions from the media.  E-mail AARST at director@aarst.com with requests or contact experts from the following Speaker’s Bureau lists.  Mention of trade names, products, or services does not convey official EPA approval, endorsement, or recommendation. Contact the Radon Professionals Speaker’s Bureau at www.radongas.org/speaker.htm exiting EPA and/or the AARST Key Radon Subject Experts at www.aarst.org/key_radonscience_speakers exiting EPA

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Radon Webinars

EPA regularly hosts Webinars to increase knowledge and sharing and improve strategy among public health professionals, radon professionals and other stakeholders. To download materials and some recordings of past Webinars, visit www.epa.gov/radon/webinars

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Every year, radon champions like you coordinate activities and events that inspire others to take action themselves during future National Radon Action Months.  Visit the Archives page to view success stories, Newsletters, and other valuable and inspiring information from past National Radon Action Months to help you gear up for January.

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