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State-by-State Map of EPA Investments Under the Recovery Act

You can now explore how EPA, in collaboration with states, tribes, local governments, territories and other partners, is administering the $7.22 billion it received under the Recovery Act through four appropriations. This money includes:

Note that EPA was also given the authority to move some of these funds into the Environmental Programs and Management Appropriation for Recovery Act Management and Oversight (M&O).

Learn more about this work through an interactive map. Right now, this map shows at national and state levels

How to Use the Map

Learn how to use many of the new and interesting tools by selecting "Show Help" on the EPA Recovery Mapper tab. You will also have the option to download the complete user guide, download the tutorial and more.

The individual tabs are EPA Recovery Mapper, EPA Programs, and Summary Data.

Please select the drop down arrows on the tabs to view and hide the information.

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