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2003 Clean School Bus USA Grant Recipients

General McLane School District, Erie County

In 2003, under Clean School Bus USA, the school district was granted $60,000 to retrofit its entire school buses fleet (40 buses) with diesel oxidation catalysts. In addition, the district was also able to retrofit its band bus, offset the cost for ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) for one year on all buses and replace a 1991 International bus. The district has also been a strong advocate to other local school districts in the area interested in cleaning up their diesel fleet. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, the district covers approximately 114.8 square miles and has approximately 2,500 students housed in four buildings. It owns, operates and maintains its entire fleet. The bus fleet travels approximately 670,000 miles per year and spends almost 25,000 hours on the road annually. The fleet consumes approximately 70,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually. The retrofit process has been completed since June of 2004.

North Allegheny School District, Allegheny County

In 2003, under Clean School Bus USA, the school district was granted $125,000 to retrofit 90 buses with diesel oxidation catalysts and utilize ultra low sulfur diesel in their entire bus fleet. Located just 10 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, the district is comprised of 12 schools, 4 municipalities, 48 square miles, and over 47,000 residents. Over 9,200 students rely on district transportation to shuttle them to and from school, field trips, and various venues. The school bus fleet is owned and operated by the district and travels approximately 1,097,380 miles per year and spends almost 100,000 hours on the road annually. All 90 buses have been retrofitted since January, 2005.

Contact Information

To find out more information about cleaning up today's school bus fleet, please contact, Michelle Moyer at (215) 814-2098 or moyer.michelle@epa.gov

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