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Tonolli Corporation

EPA ID# PAD073613663

NPL Status: Final

Along Rte. 54
Nesquehoning, PA 18240

Carbon County


Remedial Project Manager
Mitch Cron

Community Involvement Coordinator
Carrie Deitzel
or 1-800-553-2509 x45525

Governmental Liaison
Kinshasa Brown-Perry

Administrative Record Locations

Detailed public files (Administrative Record) on EPA's actions and decisions for this site can examined on-line at the following locations:

Nesquehoning Borough Office
114 West Catawissa Street
Nesquehoning, PA 18240

U.S. EPA Region III
Public Reading Room
1650 Arch Street - 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Please call for an appointment.

Site Photos

  • Show 1 Crusher and smelter building demolition
  • Show 2 Treating soil contaminated with lead
  • Show 3 Eastern Landfill Embankment Construction
  • Show 4 Southern Embankment Construction
  • Show 5 Tonolli Landfill
  • Aerial photo of the Site before the cleanup began. Note: Smelter and crusher buildings, water in landfill and piles of battery chips. view photo
  • Aerial photo of the Site in May 1998. Note: Smelter and crusher buildings have been demolished, piles of battery chips have been removed and excavations have begun. view photo
  • Lead grids from batteries and battery parts. view photo
  • Batteries encased in concrete foundation view photo
  • Metallic lead in foundation view photo
  • Slabs of lead, recovered from the smelter building during demolition, collected and ready for shipment offsite for recycling. view photo
  • Batteries, discovered in excavations at the Tonolli Site, collected and ready for shipment offsite for recycling. view photo
  • Western embankment of landfill,  proposed location for approximately 430x120 ft landfill expansion. view photo

Tonolli Corporation Site Ariel View

Current Site Information

Administrative Record

Fact Sheets

Press Release

  • 01/04/2000: EPA Completes Construction at Three Mid-Atlantic Superfund Sites

Public Notice

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