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William Dick Lagoons

EPA ID# PAD980537773

NPL Status: Final

Telegraph Rd
West Caln Township, PA 19376
Chester County


Remedial Project Manager
Tim Gallagher

Community Involvement Coordinator
Larry C. Johnson
215-814-3239 or 800-553-2509

Governmental Liaison
Kinshasa Brown-Perry

Administrative Record Locations

Detailed public files (Administrative Record) on EPA's actions and decisions for this site can be examined on-line or at the following locations:

West Caln Township Building
Route 340
Wagontown, PA 19376

U.S. EPA Region III
Public Reading Room
1650 Arch Street - 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Please call for an appointment.

Site Photo

Site photo
EPA constructed a three-mile water line extension at the William Dick Lagoons site in order to provided 115 homes with clean, safe drinking water.

Current Site Information

Site Progress Profile

Administrative Record

Information Updates

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Site Actions

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