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Tidewater Baling
Newark, NJ

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The Tidewater Baling site in Newark, New Jersey is a two and a half acre site which contained a company that compacted and processed a variety of scrap metals, including drums, automobiles and transformers, for recycling. Two abandoned underground pits were used to accumulate water and oil released during baling operations, which were then pumped into an above ground storage tank. Water was then discharged onto the ground and oil was reused. Due to oil spills and poor housekeeping practices, operations impacted on-site and off-site soil and a nearby ballfield.

In 1989, EPA took soil and oil samples which showed high levels of lead, PCBs, and heavy metal. The site is located in a mixed residential and commercial portion of Newark. The closest residence is approximately 100 feet from the site. EPA constructed a fence around the area of the recreational center to reduce public contact with contamination. In order to restrict migration of oily discharge into and out of the area, EPA constructed berms and booms that act as barriers to contain oily contamination.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection initiated the removal of oil from the baler pit, excavated a limited area of oil-saturated soil; and removed and disposed of cylinders and drums and tankers filled with petroleum products and hazardous waste. In April 2007, EPA conducted air monitoring and on-site and off-site soil and wastewater sampling.


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