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Non-commercial and Home Biodiesel Production


Individuals are producing biodiesel on a small scale using homemade equipment or commercial biodiesel kits. It is easy to find instructions on the Internet. Producing biodiesel from feedstocks, including recycled cooking oil, is a fairly basic process using simple equipment but can be hazardous and create environmental issues.

There are few environmental regulations that apply to making biodiesel on a small scale for your own use. If you make biodiesel and sell it, then a number of regulations will apply. These web pages are intended for people making biodiesel for private non-commercial use. If you want to make biodiesel to sell or use in commercial vehicles, please read EPA Region 7's Biodiesel Production Facility Compliance Manual: Environmental Laws Applicable to Construction and Operation of Biodiesel Production Facilities (PDF) (144 pp, 6.4MB, About PDF).

Even though there are few regulations covering non-commercial producers of biodiesel, it is important to handle and dispose of chemicals responsibly. Glycerin and wash water from the process can also create environmental issues if not handled properly. There are also some important safety considerations when handling chemicals and storing oils used to produce biodiesel. Finally, there are issues with using biodiesel as a vehicle fuel.

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