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Energy and Global Climate Change in New England

Case Studies

Diagram of the steps for Plan-Do-Check-Act modelAcross New England, communities have joined EPA Region 1's Community Energy Challenge and embraced the goal of becoming more energy efficient.

Each of these communities committed to reduce their energy use by 10% or greater. Some communities are veterans of energy management while others are just starting to look at their energy use. These towns strive to keep setting and meeting challenges and some are exceeding their expectations.

Part of a successful energy management plan includes setting goals, creating a step by step plan to achieve those goals, assessing results and making new goals based on the previous experiences. The ENERGY STAR program supports this planning method. The ENERGY STAR diagram illustrates the steps to becoming more energy efficient and energy focused, and provides a clear path for setting goals and developing action plans.

From making the initial commitment, to assessing energy use, following through with an energy plan, and re-assessing, the following case studies are examples of how some communities in New England have reduced energy use in their municipal buildings and schools using this model.

For more information contact the Community Energy Challenge Staff:

Massachusetts New Hampshire
Medford Schools Manchester
  Plainfield Elementary School


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