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Energy and Global Climate Change in New England

Mitigation Efforts

The New England office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the six state environmental agencies work together to reduce the greenhouse gases (GHG) in New England, and to educate the public about climate change. These government agencies monitor and regulate green house gas emissions from various categories of sources, and encourage the use of energy efficiency, and the production and deployment of clean and renewable energy technologies to reduce emissions. The EPA also supports regional and non governmental organizations' efforts to reduce GHG and to educate the public on climate issues. A host of programs in New England have successfully helped companies, schools, cities and towns and non profit groups reduce their energy consumption and their emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases.

For information on EPA's current and proposed regulatory actions, rules and initiatives addressing climate change including: national programs to cut GHG and improve fuel economy for cars and trucks; the EPA's milestone "endangerment findings"; proposed GHG permitting requirements for large industrial facilities; the new mandatory reporting of GHGs rule; the waste energy recovery registry; California's GHG waiver request; the renewable fuel standard 2 (RFS); programs for geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide; and other regulatory actions on GHG, please visit the National EPA Climate Change - Regulatory Initiatives site.

Mitigation Efforts:

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