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Region 1: EPA New England

Logo for Environmental Justice in New England.EPA New England Environmental Justice Council

EPA New England's regional EJ Council is responsible for developing EJ guidance and implementation strategies to institutionalize EJ activities throughout the regional office. The EJ Council is chaired by the Director of the Office of Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, and comprised of the regional EJ Point of Contact, the Deputy Office Directors, and designated staff from each of the six program and administrative offices in the region. All EJ Council members serve as EJ contacts for EPA staff and members of the public.

EPA New England Environmental Justice Council    
Office of Civil Rights & Urban Affairs  
Sharon Wells (wells.sharon@epa.gov), Acting Director 617-918-1007
Amy Braz (braz.amy@epa.gov), Environmental Justice Coordinator 617-918-1346
Heather Ross (ross.heather@epa.gov), Environmental Justice Specialist 617-918-1073
Office of Administration and Resource Management  
Fred Weeks (weeks.fred@epa.gov), Deputy Director 617-918-1855
Alex Ditcher (dichter.alexandra@epa.gov), GIS Coordinator 617-918-1142
Office of Environmental Measurement and Evaluation  
Art Johnson (johnson.arthur@epa.gov), Deputy Director 617-918-8301
Jerry Keefe (keefe.jerry@epa.gov), Team Leader - Environmental Investigation and Analysis Field Unit 617-918-8376
Office of Ecosystem Protection  
Ken Moraff (moraff.ken@epa.gov), Deputy Director 617-918-1502
Stacey Johnson_Pridgeon (johnson.stacey@epa.gov), CT Urban Communities Coordinator 617-918-1552
Office of Environmental Stewardship  
Samuel Silverman (silverman.samuel@epa.gov), Deputy Director 617-918-1731
Roy Crystal (crystal.roy@epa.gov), Environmental Scientist 617-918-1745
Office of Regional Counsel  
Tim Williamson (williamson.tim@epa.gov), Deputy Regional Counsel 617-918-1099
Office of Site Remediation and Restoration  
Nancy Barmakian (barmakian.nancy@epa.gov), Deputy Director 617-918-1202
Carol Tucker (tucker.carol@epa.gov), Brownfields Section Chief 617-918-1221
State Contacts  

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