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Students & Teachers in New England

2014 Paul G. Keough Earth Artist Program

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein as a child
Einstein at 14

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. So the unkown, the mysterious, is where art and science meet."

- Albert Einstein

Does your class or school have a great idea to help better your environment and help stop climate change?

We challenge students and teachers to focus on solving an environmental issue in your school or community. It could range from exploring and improving upon your towns recycling program, to assessing energy use in your school and working to reduce it. There are great possibilities to build math, science and social studies into this project.

Then we want to hear about it. Display your idea/solution creatively through art (poster, poem or video), and provide us with a 2 page summary of the project.

One winner from each of the six New England states will be selected. EPA will come to your school with our video crew to produce a segment that will be shown on our National EPA Web site showcasing your project. You will be able to let the whole world know how you are helping your community.


  1.  The program is for students in grades K-6 within the six New England states.
  2. Teachers are encouraged to discuss environmental topics with their students that will lead the class to become aware of—and focus on—solutions specific to environmental problems.
  3. Entries must include an art portion and a written portion.
  4. *EPA staff is available to come help you jumpstart your project.*

Application (PDF) (2 pp, 25K, about PDF)

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