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Environmental Info by Zip Code

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EPA National

The MyEnvironment search application is designed to provide a cross-section of environmental information based on the user's location. Learn more about the MyEnvironment search application »

Search for facilities in your community for the purpose of determining whether: 1) EPA or state/local governments have conducted compliance inspections; 2) violations were detected; or 3) enforcement actions were taken and penalties were assessed in response to environmental law violations.

Search Your Community
Access to the Enviromapper, Envirofacts, Surf your Watershed and the UV Index.

Enviromapper image of Boston, MA Enviromapper
Interactive maps pinpointing water dischargers, Superfund, hazardous waste, toxic releases, air emissions, BRS, multi-activity sites and more. Select facility for specific information. Click image on left for larger view. (Example is a composite.)

Envirofacts Warehouse
Use this graphical image to access detailed descriptions (metadata) of the databases in the Envirofacts Warehouse.

CAMEO (Computer-Added Management of Emergency Situations)
This powerful tool bundles three great applications including:

  1. A chemical database of over 6,000 hazardous chemicals, 80,000 synonyms, and product trade names.
  2. A mapping application. It allows users to "see" their data (e.g., roads, facilities, schools, response assets).
  3. An atmospheric dispersion model used for evaluating releases of hazardous chemical vapors.

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
info about toxic chemical releases in your neighborhood

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