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EPA New England Topics


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EPA New England

Asbestos Enforcement Program

Colleges & Universities in New England

Community Energy Challenge

Indoor Air

K-12 Schools


Mercury in New England

New England Agencies and Organizations
Links to some resources on school environmental issues from state agencies and other organizations in New England

Oils Spills/SPCC Enforcement Program

EPA Warns Schools About Oil Spill Risks and Informs on Proper Prevention Techniques [ CT | ME | MA | RI | NH & VT ]

Protecting Children's Health in New England

Radon in New England

School Buses

Schools and Drinking Water

Student Opportunities

Teacher Resource Center

EPA National

Healthy School Environments
Your one-stop location for information and links to School Environmental Health Issues. Download EPA's new software tool designed to help school districts evaluate and manage environmental, health and safety issues.

To celebrate Children's Health Month 2006,
EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection and Office of Environmental Education held a series of webcasts on topics related to healthy school environments.

To hear and/or view the recordings from these webcasts visit epa.gov/schools.

Asbestos in Schools


Fact Sheet: Federal Requirements for Asbestos Management in Schools (PDF) (2 pp, 333 K, about PDF)

Schools Learn to Protect Students, Staff From Exposure to Asbestos Hazards (PDF) (6 pp, 86 K, about PDF)
Enforcement Alert, September 2004

Energy Star for K-12 School Districts

EPA Guide to Protecting Children’s Health in Schools

High School Environmental Center

Indoor Air Quality - Tools for Schools

Indoor Air Quality - Design Tools for Schools

Indoor Air Quality - Building Education and Assessment Model

Integrated Pest Management in Schools



Office of Children’s Health Protection


Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign

Sunwise School Program

Assessing Outdoor Air Near Schools
Learn About EPA's Air Toxics Monitoring Initiative



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