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Compliance and Enforcement

Echo Logo and link to ECHOEnforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) is an information tool that gives direct access to EPA and state compliance information of more than 800,000 regulated facilities nationwide, for facilities regulated under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Data reports are updated monthly and cover a two-year period.



Compliance Assistance

Office of Enforcement, Compliance and Environmental Justice (OECEJ) Compliance Assistance web site includes links to information that provides a basic understanding of regulations, a calendar of upcoming compliance assistance events in the Mid-Atlantic states, monthly updates, sectors of interest, the national compliance assistance clearinghouse and more.

Upcoming Events

Recent Case Summaries

Mid-Atlantic Enforcement Actions - 2010

Mid-Atlantic Enforcement Actions - 2009

Mid-Atlantic Enforcement Actions - 2008

Mid-Atlantic Enforcement Actions - 2007
Mid-Atlantic Enforcement Actions - 2006
All Mid-Atlantic Region News Releases



Small Business Compliance Assistance

The Business Assistance Center is dedicated to meeting the environmental informational needs of small and medium-sized businesses within the Mid-Atlantic. It provides access to technical assistance providers, hotlines, events and training, environmental technology development resources and sources of fund

Enforcement Facts and Figures

Office of Enforcement, Compliance and Environmental Justice (OECEJ) Enforcement web site includes links to civil, as well as criminal, cases filed from the various environmental programs, regional enforcement contacts, complaint/tip form and more.


The Legal Team

The Office of Regional Counsel handles a wide variety of legal matters for EPA Region 3. ORC's lawyers, paralegals, and support staff enforce federal air, water, hazardous waste, toxics and pesticides laws throughout the mid-Atlantic region. ORC attorneys file complaints, negotiate settlements, and conduct hearings in administrative enforcement proceedings, and assist Justice Department lawyers in federal court cases. Criminal enforcement counsel assist U.S. Attorneys Offices in prosecuting environmental crimes. ORC also works closely with EPA staff and state and local environmental agencies on regulatory and permitting matters. To contact ORC, please call 215-814-2602



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