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Managing Solid Wastes

Regional RCRA Information
The Region 4 Solid Waste program promotes waste prevention, reuse and recycling of non-hazardous solid waste. We also work closely with our partners including State agencies, Indian Tribes, local governments, universities and citizen groups to solve municipal solid waste generation and management problems.

These actions support EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC), a national effort to increase the national recycling rate to 35 percent by 2005, and cut the generation of 30 priority chemicals in hazardous waste in half by 2005.


Learn more about solid waste activities in Region 4:


2009 EPA/Region 4 States' Solid Waste & Recycling Conference

The 2009 EPA / States' Solid Waste and Recycling Managers Meeting was held September 29 - October 1, 2009 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The annual conference provided a networking opportunity for state government recycling managers and solid waste managers in the Southeast Region to share information, and to integrate solid waste and recycling programs.

Presentations during the meeting are included below:

Product Policy Institute (PDF, 53 pp., 5.58 KB)
Kingston Coal Ash Removal (PDF, 48 pp., 7.63 MB)
Rome Coal Ash Pilot Project (PDF, 31 pp., 4.80 KB)
RFID Technology (PDF, 18 pp., 777 KB)
Re-Trac Cooperative Usage and Measurement (PDF, 13 pp., 421 KB)
NC DENR Update (PDF, 4 pp., 223 KB)
Perry County Associates Landfill (PDF, 4 pp., 198 KB)
MSW Waste Characterization Study (PDF, 39 pp., 142 KB)
Zero Waste Zones (PDF, 15 pp., 593 KB)


US Composting Council Fly-In

The U.S. Composting Council (USCC) hosted the Working Toward a Sustainable Tomorrow: Understanding and Expanding Compost Infrastructure meeting during September 28-29, 2009 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The meeting was hosted in partnership with the EPA HQ, EPA Region 4, BioCycle, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Environmental Protection Division, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The purpose of the meeting was to provide attendees from the composting industry and other participants with resources and information on expanding compost infrastructure.


Presentations during the meeting are included below:

Compost Infrastructure Meeting Notes (PDF, 23 pp., 174 KB)
R4 Composting Regulations (PDF, 49 pp., 276 KB)
US Composting Council Update (PDF, 24 pp., 574 KB)
Education and Training with USCC (PDF, 17 pp., 331 KB)
EPA Organics Update (PDF, 49 pp., 3.42 MB)
BioCycle (PDF,32 pp., 4.24 MB)
Mastering Composting Operations and Marketing (PDF, 24 pp., 4,765 KB)
Market Opportunities for Compost in Stormwater Management (PDF, 61 pp., 2,373 KB)
Greenco Food Waste Diversion and Manufacturing (PDF,15 pp.,1,403 KB)
Green Infrastructure (PDF, 24 pp., 5.56 MB)
Composting in Georgia (PDF, 25 pp., 239 KB)



For more information, contact:

Jay Bassett, Chief MMS bassett.jay@epa.gov 404-562-8559
Audrey Baker baker.audrey@epa.gov 404-562-8455
Robin Billings billings.robin@epa.gov 404-562-8515
Thornell Cheeks cheeks.thornell@epa.gov 404-562-8479
Kim Clifton clifton.kim@epa.gov 404-562-8477
David Langston langston.david@epa.gov 404-562-8478
Delores Rodgers-Smith rodgers-smith.delores@epa.gov 404-562-8688
Rhonda Rollins rollins.rhonda@epa.gov 404-562-8664
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