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Excellence in Site Reuse

ReVenture Park
(Martin-Marietta Sodyeco)

Reventure reuse award

Franklin Hill, Region 4 Superfund Director presents Tom McKittrick of Forsite Development with an "Excellence in Site Reuse" Award

Region 4 has been successful in facilitating the redevelopment of Superfund sites across the Region. This success is largely due to the hard work and creative thinking of EPA project staff and the cooperation of site owners, local governments and developers. To recognize these cooperative outcomes, Region 4 created the "Excellence in Site Reuse" award to give to those who had gone above and beyond in redeveloping a Superfund site.


Region 4 established the "Excellence in Site Reuse" award to recognize those who have supported the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative through outstanding efforts when redeveloping a Superfund site. Region 4 has been very successful in facilitating the redevelopment of Superfund sites. Many developers, site owners, and local governments have worked closely with Region 4 to ensure that sites are redeveloped in a manner to enhance the remedial actions taken and/or minimize the Agency's responsibilities for long term care and maintenance. This award was established to recognize these outstanding efforts.


The "Excellence in Site Reuse" award can be given to a developer, site owner or local government who has demonstrated excellence in working cooperatively with Region 4 to ensure the reuse of a Superfund site was complimentary with the remedial actions taken and may have even enhanced the remedial actions.

Evaluation Criteria For "Excellence in Site Reuse" Award
  1. Enhancement of the selected remedy
  2. Reduction of EPA's long term stewardship responsibilities
  3. Effect on local community
  4. Enhanced monitoring of institutional controls (neighborhood watch)
  5. Design of redevelopment complementary with long term implementation of selected remedy
Site Award Winners

To date, Region 4 has given "Excellence in Site Reuse" awards to fourteen sites located in six different states. Awards will continue to be granted to sites meeting the above eligibility and evaluation criteria.

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