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Superfund Community Involvement

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The Superfund Program places a high value on public participation during investigation and cleanup of hazardous sites. EPA believes that the more communities are informed and involved in the decision-making process, the better. Not only does community involvement give the public the ability to influence how a site is cleaned up and how people are affected by the process, the collaboration produces a better end result for everyone, including the environment.

The Community Involvement staff located within the Superfund Division is the conduit between communities and technical staff working on Superfund and Federal Facilities projects. Community Involvement Coordinators (CICs) are assigned to specific projects to assist communities in their interaction with EPA and ensure that technical staff is aware of issues that concern the public in relation to the work EPA is doing. As liaisons between technical project managers and the community, CICs provide opportunities for two-way communication throughout the life of a project.

For regional information about EPA's Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) program, please contact Rhonda Foucher (foucher.rhonda@epa.gov), (404) 562-8867.

Each year, the Region4 Superfund Office of Public Affairs and Outreach provides an Accomplishments Report (PDF) ( PDF, 13 pp, 1MB) to summarize and highlight community outreach activities. If you have comments or questions, please contact the OSPAO Office Director, Freda Lockhart (lockhart.freda@epa.gov).
Communities are directly affected by EPA's actions related to environmental emergencies, the cleanup of contaminated land and pollution,and the management of hazardous substances and waste. The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) that originated out of the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) required the Superfund Division to develop an Action Plan to ensure its implementation in Region 4. The CEI will enhance the Superfund Division's capacity to engage and prepare local communities and stakeholders to meaningfully participate in Superfund decision-making processes and provides an opportunity for the Superfund Division to refocus and renew its vision for community engagement. It will also build on the good practices already being utilized and help to apply them consistently in Superfund processes. More Information . . .

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