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Picayune Wood Treating


Drums along fence line of Picayune Wood Treating site.
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Mathy Stanislaus’ Visit to Picayune, Mississippi

On November 14th, Mathy Stanislaus (AA for OSWER) visited Picayune, Mississippi, to tour a local Brownfields site, tour the Picayune Wood Treating Superfund site, and host a Community Listening Session.  Mathy, along with the OSPAO staff, MDEQ, Region 4 senior leaders Stan Meiburg, Franklin Hill, Alan Farmer, several Superfund and RCRA staff began the day’s activities with lunch at the Picayune Town Center (former Brownfields site).  Also attending the lunch was a couple of guests from Mississippi Mayors’ offices, State Senator Deborah Dawkins, City and State officials.  After lunch, Mathy, EPA Senior Leaders, and key officials from MDEQ toured the Picayune Wood Treating Superfund site.  The Superfund site is one of several in the region up for consideration for about $30 million in funds to help with future cleanup efforts. Ending the day’s activities was a Community Listening Session at South Side Elementary School.  Representatives from several communities, including Hattiesburg, Columbus, and Picayune actively participated in the successful session.

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