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Tribal Air Program

Air Program Tribal Coordinators

Ben Giwojna

Monika Lacka (lacka.monika@epa.gov)

Cynthia Meyer (meyer.cynthia@epa.gov)

National Air and Tribal Information


Region 5 is committed to protecting the health of the people and the environmental resources in Indian Country, while supporting tribal self-government, fulfilling the Federal trust responsibility, and strengthening government-to-government relations between tribes and the EPA.

The Tribal Authority Rule authorizes "treatment of an Indian tribe in the same manner as states" for tribes to implement EPA-approved Clean Air Act programs in Indian Country. Tribes may implement only those programs they wish, or even only the portions of programs that are most relevant to the air quality needs of the tribe. Eligible TAR tribes have the authority to develop Tribal Implementation Plans, which may impose air quality requirements in Indian Country that meet or exceed those defined in the CAA.

Region 5 administers CAA mandated programs in Indian Country in instances where a tribe does not wish to administer any or all provisions of these programs. The programs currently available for EPA's direct implementation include:

CAA Title V Operating Permit
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Construction Permit
New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
Tribal Minor NSR
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
Attainment Status Designations
Compliance and enforcement



Where tribes choose to develop their own CAA programs, EPA identifies and provides resources, tools, and technical support that tribes need to develop and implement these programs.

Contacts: Ben Giwojna (giwojna.benjamin@epa.gov) 312-886-0247, Monika Lacka (lacka.monika@epa.gov) 312-353-6556, Cynthia Meyer (meyer.cynthia@epa.gov) 312-886-5868


Contact: Genevieve Damico (damico.genevieve@epa.gov) 312-353-4761

Additional Contacts:

Air Monitoring
Emissions Inventory
Indoor Air and Radon
Criteria Pollutants
Eligibility Determinations and the Tribal Authority Rule
Regulation Development and Tribal Implementation Plans

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