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Johns Manville Corp.

Site Information
Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Heriberto León (leon.heriberto@epa.gov)
312-886-6163 or 800-621-8431, ext. 66163

Remedial Project Manager
Matthew Ohl (ohl.matthew@epa.gov)
312-886-4442 or 800-621-8431, ext. 64442


(where to view written records)

Waukegan Public Library
128 N. County St.

Records may also be reviewed at;
EPA Region 5 Records Center
7th Floor
77 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL
8 a.m. -  4 p.m, weekdays


The Johns-Manville site is an approximately 150-acre asbestos disposal area in Waukegan, Illinois. The site is in an industrial area. The nearest residential area is about one-half mile northwest of the site. The population of Waukegan is 67,500. The site is bordered by Lake Michigan and the Illinois Beach State Park; both are used for recreation.

Approximately 3 million cubic yards of off-specification products and wastewater sludge, containing asbestos, and to a lesser degree, lead, chromium, and thiram, were disposed in the eastern area of the 300-acre Johns-Manville property. The disposal area is approximately 25 to 30 feet above grade.

Map of Johns Manville Corp. site in Waukegan, IL

Johns Manville Corp. site in Waukegan, IL Site Map (PDF)(1 pp, 257KB) Aug. 19, 2014

Studies conducted at the site indicated that airborne asbestos presented the greatest potential risk.

Johns-Manville ceased operations onsite in summer 1998.

All former manufacturing buildings were demolished in 2000-2001.

Since 1998, seven additional areas, all of which contained asbestos-containing material (ACM), were discovered outside of the Johns-Manville fence line. These areas have been characterized by Johns-Manville. In 2002, the two largest areas were cleaned up under an EPA-funded removal action.

In September 2000, EPA issued an explanation of significant differences which required the closure of the former wastewater treatment ponds and the miscellaneous disposal pit (which received non-asbestos-containing wastes). Closure of these ponds is proceeding in accordance with the First Amended Consent Decree which was entered in court in December 2004.

Investigation of the former manufacturing area is proceeding. Construction on the first of three phases of pond and disposal pit closure began in 2005 and is ongoing. The former settling basin was dewatered and has been covered.

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Site Updates

November 2014

Borrow pit sand dredging operations are continuing on a schedule that extends into evening hours until winter ice conditions restrict this work activity—possibly until February 2015. This schedule is necessary in order to be able to complete remediation activities in 2015.  Because the work space for the equipment needed in the borrow pit is limited, additional equipment cannot be placed in operation to increase sand production and potentially reduce night-time work activity hours.

Johns Manville is taking the following steps to meet the requirements of the City of Waukegan Zoning Ordinance for noise and light during remedial construction activities at the site:

Spring-Summer 2014

Construction activities continue on the North side of the site at the Pumping Lagoon and Industrial Canal. A geotextile liner was pulled across the Pumping Lagoon and Industrial Canal before filling activities began. The Pumping Lagoon has been filled with clay from on-site stockpiles.  Fill material is being removed from the manufacturing area (central area) and the southwestern site area to fill the Industrial Canal.

Once filling is complete, clean cover materials will be placed over the area. It will be seeded with native vegetation recommended by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  A berm will be constructed between the Nature Preserve and the Industrial Canal. Then new groundwater monitoring wells will be installed and sampled.

Ambient air monitoring results collected during on‐site soil excavation and unloading activities in June 2014 at the Johns Manville property show that no asbestos fibers were detected. Samples were collected from eight ambient air monitoring stations located near work areas, and two monitoring stations located at the western and southern property boundaries, in accordance with monitoring protocols approved by the EPA.  Additional construction activities are planned for the remainder of 2014 and are expected to be completed by early 2016.

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Aerial photo of Johns Manville Corp. site in Waukegan, IL

Aerial photo of Johns Manville Corp. site in Waukegan, IL














Industrial Geotextile Pull - 15% Comlete (Facing Northeast)

Industrial Geotextile Pull - 15% Comlete (Facing Northeast)



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